Add-on Description

Creates a simple e-mail button in the Issue area of Jira which allows the user to open up a new
e-mail using their default e-mail program.

The new e-mail will automatically have the Issue Reporter’s e-mail address as the To Address.
There are also additional options for:

  • Predefined CC E-mail Address.
  • Have the Issue Assignee in CC E-mail Address.
  • Show Issue Reference in E-mail Subject.
  • Show Issue Title in E-mail Subject.
  • Which project(s) the add-on should be available on.
  • Add-on Compatibility

    This Add-on has been tested and confirmed to work on PC, Mac and Linux (GUI).
    It will work on any device and operating system that supports the standard mailto: link.

    This Add-on will not be affected by Jira updates.


  • How to set default e-mail program on PC
  • How to set default e-mail program on MAC
  • How to set default e-mail program on Linux (Ubuntu)

  • Add-on Support

    Unfortunately we are unable to offer any support for this add-on. Due to this fact we've changed the pricing of it to free.
    If you would still like to get in touch in regards to this add-on, please send us an email to and we will reply as soon as possible.


    Add-On configuration options

    Easy E-mail button location

    Result after clicking the button

    Created by aka & thinlan